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September 2020 School News

European Week of Sport 
Dear Parents,
European Week of Sport takes place from 23rd September to 30th September. Please see below for some fun activities children can try out at home as part of “Active Homework”.
Mr Kilcoyne,
Principal Teacher.
Message from Mr Kilcoyne – 15th September 2020
Dear Parent/s, Guardian/s,
We are grateful to all our parents, pupils and staff for their continued cooperation with doing all we can to ensure the school remains open and safe. A number of parents have contacted me asking what happens if there is a confirmed case of Covid 19 in the school. This letter briefly outlines the procedures that will be followed in the event of a confirmed case of Covid 19. Please click on the link below:
Relationships & Sexuality education (RSE) is an important part of the Social Personal & Health Education (S.P.H.E.) curriculum in primary school. RSE provides children of all ages with the chance to develop the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills necessary to establish and sustain healthy personal relationships with self and others. As per Department of Education guidelines we are prioritising SPHE and specifically RSE during the 1st term. As part of this prioritisation, each class teacher will revisit and revise the sensitive RSE lessons from the curriculum of the class that your child was in last year. Each class teacher will then teach the curriculum content for your child’s current class level. Please click on the link below for “Tips for Parents” on RSE.
Kind regards,
Luke Kilcoyne.
Principal Teacher.
Message from Mr Kilcoyne – 7th September 2020

Dear Parent/s, Guardian/s,

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly roll out the Aladdin Schools Connect App to parents/guardians of children in our school. The Aladdin Connect App is a great way to enhance communication with parents. It enables parents to stay connected with class and school news
Further details can be read in this letter: Aladdin Connect App parent letter

Kind regards,
Luke Kilcoyne.
Principal Teacher.

Message from Mr Kilcoyne 3rd September 2020

Dear Parent/s, Guardian/s,

It is great to have our pupils back in school. They all appear delighted to be here and are very much enjoying being back with friends.Thank you to all our parents and pupils for all your support and cooperation with the measures we have put in place to ensure a safe reopening of the school. I am pleased to report that the first 2 days have gone smoothly.


Book Fees:
Booklists are still available to view under the parents tab above. Many thanks to those who have paid book fees. You will receive a receipt via text message sometime during the next week. Book fees should be paid during September. On Thursday 3rd September all pupils (who have not yet paid book fees) will take home a “book fees” envelope. This envelope has a sticker on the front with your child’s name, your child’s class teacher’s name and the amount of money due to be paid.


Parents are asked to place the fees due inside the envelope and chose one of these options:

  1. Give the envelope containing the fees to their child who can give it to his/her teacher.
  2. Place the envelope inside a bigger envelope and post the fees to the school – this option may only be used when paying by cheque. Please do not post cash.
  3. Parents may bring the envelope to the school any day from Monday 7th September to Friday 18th September and place the envelope in a box which will be sitting on the pillar at the school gate from 8.40a.m. to 9.20a.m. daily. I, or the Deputy Principal, Mr J Gallagher, will supervise the box at all times.

Once fees are paid receipts will be texted to all parents within a week. If you are paying for more than one child you can place the payment for all your children inside one of your children’s envelopes along with the unused envelopes.


Holy Communion:
Our 3 third classes will celebrate the Sacrament of First Holy Communion at 3 separate ceremonies on Saturday 5th September and Saturday 12th September. We hope the pupils and their families enjoy their special day. They had prepared very well before the school closure in March and they are more than “ready, willing and able” to celebrate this beautiful sacrament. A special word of thanks to our Chaplain, Fr Gillespie, for his great work in preparing the children and organising the ceremonies during these difficult times. Our Parents’ Association will pay for the photographer and give a present of a free photograph to each child after the ceremony. We thank them for this gift for each communicant.


Chief Medical Officer:
The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn, has written to parents of all children in schools. His letter can be read here:

Chief Medical Officer Letter to parents


Procedure for dealing with a suspected case of Covid 19:
Parents must ensure that we have their up to date contact details and must keep their phone to hand throughout every school day. We will follow the procedure in this document if a pupil or staff member begins to display symptoms of COVID-19 while at school:

Procedure for dealing with a suspected case of Coivd 19


Please remember this key message from our Covid 19 Response Plan:

At home before school: every morning please check your child/ren for symptoms of COVID-19:

  • fever/high temperature – check your child’s temperature every morning
  • shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
  • loss of sense of smell or loss of sense of taste


If your child or anyone in your child’s household is displaying any (even one) of these symptoms on any school morning do not send your child to school. Phone your doctor and follow HSE guidance on self-isolation. Ensure that washing her/his hands is the last thing your child does every school morning before leaving home.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Luke Kilcoyne

Principal Teacher.

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