Administration of Medication

Administration of Medication

Dear Parent/s, Guardian/s,

In accordance with guidelines issued to school staff it is recommended that if you require your child to be administered medication (including inhalers) by a member of staff in school the following procedure should be adhered to:

1. You should write to the Board of Management requesting that a member of staff be authorised to administer the medication.
2. The request should also contain clear written instructions of the procedure to be followed in administering the medication.
3. The Board of Management will seek an indemnity from parents in respect of any liability that may arise regarding the administration of medication.
4. On receiving permission from the Board of Management a further detailed letter from you will be required stating the name of the child, name and dose of medication, the circumstances in which medication is to be given by the staff member and consent for it to be given, when the parent is to be notified and where s/he can be contacted.
5. Written advice should be provided to the Board of Management on the storage of medication, including pharmaceutical requirements (e.g. refrigeration if necessary).
6. Preferably, the parent should bring the smallest possible dose to school, giving the name of the pupil and with clear written instructions. At no time should an emergency dose be such that it could harm the child if inappropriately administered. Confirmation of this will be required in writing form the medical practitioner responsible for the child before the school would agree to hold lifesaving medication in its care. Glass containers are unsuitable to be carried by pupils.
Obviously, it is preferable that medical practitioners would arrange times for medication so that they don’t coincide with school time. However, if this is not possible and you do require your child to be administered medication in school, please follow the above procedure. Indemnity forms are available in the Principal Teacher’s office.

Mr. Luke Kilcoyne, Principal Teacher

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