School Rules Policy

School Rules Policy

The co-operation of parents/guardians in having School Rules observed is requested. To have good standards in all areas of school life involves the community, teachers and ancillary staff, parents and pupils.

1. School begins at 9am and finishes at 1.40pm. for infants and 2.40p.m for the rest of the school. Pupils should be present five minutes before start time and should be collected promptly at home time. School opens to receive pupils at 8.40a.m. No arrangement exists for the supervision of children who arrive at school whether by bus, or otherwise, before 8.40 a.m. and therefore no responsibility is accepted by the school for pupils before that time. Pupils may be taken into the school hall (if it is available) on very wet mornings from 8.40a.m.

2. We expect obedience and respect for all our teachers and ancillary staff. We also encourage respect for all school property.

3. No child can leave school without permission. Dunne’s Shop is strictly out of bounds once a child enters school in the morning.

4. Notes are necessary from parents to explain a child’s absence, in accordance with Education Act 2000 and also on other occasions such as leaving school early, homework not completed, any change in arrangements for going home etc.

5. Pupils must not interfere with other children on the way to and from school.  However, this remains the responsibility of the parents. Children are expected to give full co-operation to the bus drivers and parents on the bus.

6. Glass bottles and canned drinks are not allowed in school. Plastic containers are recommended and we ask that all lunch packaging be brought home. The chewing of gum is forbidden in our school in the interests of a cleaner environment.

7. It is school policy to forbid the use of mobile phones by children in our school.

8. We encourage the wearing of the uniform at all times. On P.E. days children should wear appropriate loose clothing and suitable footwear. For safety reasons, earrings are not allowed. Studs are acceptable.

9. Bullying in its many forms will not be tolerated. We expect children to behave in a friendly, mannerly fashion at all times and to embrace all aspects of equality. Bad language, name-calling, rough conduct and defiance will not be tolerated.


1. Respect for our school building and environment is promoted. As part of our Green Schools Policy, the school and grounds must be litter-free, recyclable waste must be placed in appropriate bins and lunch packaging must be brought home.

2. Friendliness and co-operation are key words. We encourage a good spirit of work and play among our pupils in school and we respect the work done for the school community by our B.O.M., The Parents’ Association and Fund-Raising Committee.

3. As part of our Social, Personal, and Health Education policy and our shared responsibility in developing health-promoting practices, we strongly encourage you as parents to make healthy lunches for your children a priority.

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