Arrangements during bad Weather

Arrangements during bad weather

Every effort will be made to keep the school open. However any decision to close will be made as early as possible.

• A text informing parents of the closure will be sent using our “text a parent” service. Please make sure we have your up to date mobile number and that you are receiving the school texts. If you are not receiving the texts please contact the school secretary.

• Bus drivers will be informed of the closure.

• An announcement will be made on Highland Radio as early as possible.

• A notice may be posted here on our website: www.illistrin.town.ie

• A post will be made to our Parents’ Association Facebook page

• During bad weather please be very careful when using the car park.

When the school is open during poor weather conditions please contact the bus drivers directly to check if the buses are running. Brian Gallagher can be contacted on 086 325 1384. Margaret Gallagher can be contacted on 086 38105416. Managn’s (CIE Bus) can be contacted on 087 855 4804.

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