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Conjunctivitis is a common, mild infection of the eye that is contagious. It can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection.


A child with conjunctivitis will have discomfort, a scratchy feeling, itching, or pain in the eye. The white of the eye may appear pink or red. The child’s eye will have a discharge. If you suspect your child has pink eye, please contact your family doctor for diagnosis and treatment. If your child has a bacterial infection, your doctor may advise that s/he should be kept at home and treated with an antibiotic for one full day before returning to school.


Proper hand washing is important to prevent transmission of pink eye. Other recommendations include:

  • avoid touching an infected person’s eye
  • avoid touching tissues or gauzes that have been in contact with the person’s eye
  • do not use washcloths or other personal items that have been in contact with the infected person.


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If you have further questions, please consult your family doctor.

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Luke Kilcoyne

Mr. Luke Kilcoyne. Principal Teacher.