Safety in our School Car Park & School Security


The Parents’ Association and the Board of Management of Scoil Naomh Fiachra ask you for your cooperation and goodwill regarding the school car-park and the safety of our children being dropped off and collected at school.  The Board of Management is aware of the lack of space and is working with the Department of Education and Donegal County Council to alleviate the problem.  We are hoping to increase the size of the car-park and to get another exit onto the N56 as part of the redevelopment and extension to the school.  Meanwhile this letter is a reminder of how the system we have in place works.  It requires the co-operation of all drivers.


1. The persons who first arrive at the school for collection at 2.00pm or 3.00pm should start the process by reversing to the footpath, which runs from the yellow gate across to the bus bay, until the first line is full. Drivers arriving thereafter again start from the yellow gate side and reverse as close as possible to the first row of parked cars. With this method we can safely fit at least three rows of cars in our car-park and still leave the road clear for other traffic.  Under no circumstances should you start parking on the outside lane.


2. In relation to the morning drop-off, drivers should make use of the filter lane and it should be a case of “drop-and-go” in order to allow for a more free-flowing car-park at this busy time. If you have an appointment in the school in the morning or you wish to talk to another person, please park to the side of the car-park.


3. Please be aware of the bus zones and the entrance to the staff car park and do not obstruct their entry or exit. Give time and space to the bus drivers to park their buses. If you have someone else collecting your child, please make them aware of the parking system. This includes taxis.  Pupils are not allowed to walk through the car-park and should be collected from the gate by their parents or use the footpaths.

  • Please never park on the double lines along the road on the side of the garage.
  • When exiting on to the N56 please use the left filter lane to turn left (towards the Ballyare Junction) and please use the right filter lane to turn right (towards the Mountain Top).

The safety of our pupils takes priority over all other considerations. Your cooperation with these arrangements is greatly appreciated.


School Security

We have received a number of reports of unauthorised people on the school grounds during out of school hours. It would appear that some of these people are engaging in dangerous behaviour and are putting themselves at risk of injury. We are concerned for the health and safety of these people. We have informed Milford Gardaí who are dealing with the matter. Please phone Milford Gardaí on 074-91 53060 if you notice any intruders on school property at any time. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.