Welcome to Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Saturday 4th April 2020 – Message from Mr Luke Kilcoyne


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Easter is the most important time of the year in the Christian calendar. This year we must celebrate the Easter message of hope and joy in our own homes. You can tune into the live stream of the Easter ceremonies from the Cathedral at this link:  https://www.churchservices.tv/letterkenny


Our Patron, Bishop McGuckian sends his best wishes to all members of the school community. He is keeping all of us in his thoughts and prayers. He wishes to let you know that the Raphoe Diocese has recently established a Facebook presence. You can see it by checking “Raphoe Diocese” on Facebook.


The Sisters of the Merciful Jesus in Letterkenny are preparing a series of short clips for children to guide them through Holy Week. These will be posted on their Facebook Home Page “Divine Mercy Centre Letterkenny” at 11am from Monday to Friday. These are aimed at helping children in this time of pandemic.


Here is a youtube video for children which tells the Story of Easter:


You can also access a version of the Easter Story with colouring sheets and questions for discussion with your child by clicking the link below titled The Easter Story:

The Easter Story


I hope all parents, pupils and family members will have time to relax over the Easter season. These last few weeks have been very difficult for all families and a break from school related work is recommended for everyone.


The work posted by teachers for the last 3 weeks will remain posted to the parents info tab above (under curriculum resources) should you wish to access it at any time during the school closure. Please note that if your child attends a Special Education Teacher or an English as an Additional Language Teacher, work from that teacher is also available  and labelled  as “SEN/EAL” under the parents info, curriculum resources tab at the top of this page.



It is important that we all look after your own wellbeing. Here is a link to HSE information about looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak:  https://www2.hse.ie/wellbeing/mental-health/minding-your-mental-health-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak.html


A sincere “Thank You” to those parents continuing to work outside the family home providing essential services to our community. You deserve great credit for your dedication to duty.


Holy Communion

Fr Gillespie has informed me that Holy Communion will not go ahead as planned on 9th May. A new date will be fixed when the current uncertain situation has improved.


Parent’s Association Facebook Page

Our Parents’ Association Facebook page (Illistrin PA) continues to post lots of fun activities which all members of your family could try at home. Illistrin Football Club and Ballaghaderg Garden Centre are among the local groups posting great ideas to keep us busy and active.

Thank you to everyone who emailed illistrininternational@gmail.com with samples of pupils’ work during our International Week. A video of the work will be posted to this website in due course.



After Easter

It seems unlikely that schools will reopen as scheduled on 20th April. If the schools remain closed past that date and into the 3rd term of the school year, teachers will continue to provide suggested work for parents to do with pupils at home on a weekly basis starting again on 20th April. After Easter your child’s teacher/s will also supply you with an email address at which you can contact him/her if you have any queries about the suggested work or if you have any concerns or questions. This will open up lines of communication between school and home during the closure. The teacher’s email address will be texted to you on Thursday 16th April or Friday 17th April.




Please email me at illistrinoffice@gmail.com if you have any feedback regarding the work suggested by teachers to date or if you have any suggestions for future work. Please let me know what has worked well so far for you and your child or if you have any ideas for future work. I will collate your feedback and suggestions/ideas and relay them to teachers.

You can also email me about any other matter, should you wish.


Previous Posts

My previous posts to this website during the closure are still available to read further down this homepage. They contain some helpful website and ideas.

I hope all the girls and boys are well behaved while confined to home and that they enjoy a delicious Easter Egg (or two!) during the Easter Season!

Stay safe and kindest regards,

Luke Kilcoyne,

Principal Teacher.

4th April 2020


Friday 27th March – Message from Mr Luke Kilcoyne regarding the School Closure due to Covid 19/Coronavirus

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I know that all families are doing all they can to cope in these very difficult times. Please remember that each of us can only do our best. I hope you and your children are keeping well and staying safe and healthy. That is what is most important.

Advice from the Department of Education and the National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) on how to speak with your child about Covid 19 is available here:




The Department and NEPS have also issued “A Guide for Parents on supporting children and young people with daily routines while schools are closed”. It is available here:




Both of these documents contain simple and practical advice for parents. They are well worth reading.


I have been asked by the Minister for Education to pass the following message to all of you:

“There is an absolute need to practice social and physical distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This includes continuing to avoid meeting up and in all circumstances to adhere to HSE guidelines. Parents and guardians should continue to ensure that their children maintain the restrictions on congregating for the safety of all in their community.”

Updated information and advice from the HSE is available here in English:


and available in 17 other languages here:



Recommended Work for Week 3 of the School Closure:

An outline of the work that teachers recommend to do during Week 3 (30th March – 3rd April) of the school closure can be accessed like before by clicking on the Parent’s Info tab above, then clicking on Curriculum Resources and clicking on your Child’s Class Level. It is advisable to download the recommended work on a computer/laptop with Microsoft Word/Office as all documents are compatible with these. If you are opening your child’s work on a mobile phone, please remember that your phone settings may not allow for an accurate download of content e.g teachers diagrams, worksheets, etc. If you have any difficulty accessing the recommended work please email illistrinoffice@gmail.com and we will arrange to have it emailed to you.

Your child’s teacher may also have provided some guidance on activities for your children to engage with during the Easter Season (reading, useful websites for learning, Easter crafts etc). During the 2 week Easter break we would encourage pupils to keep up their reading and other learning activities especially fun games that they have enjoyed at home over the last few weeks. Please use the websites and educational resources that we have recommended in previous posts to this website. These can be found and read further down this homepage.


After Easter:

The current closure has been extended to the 19th April. If the closure continues past that date and into the 3rd term of the school year, teachers will continue to provide suggested work for parents to do with pupils at home on a weekly basis starting again on 20th April.


RTE School on TV:

RTE school starts on Monday 30th March and will broadcast from Monday to Friday every morning from 11.00 to 12.00 throughout the school closure. It is aimed at pupils from 1st class to 6th class. Pupils could include watching it as part of their daily routine. Here is a link with further information: www.rte.ie/news/2020/0320/1124339-rte-to-launch-school-on-tv-teaching-initiative/


Pupils with additional or special educational needs:

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) has issued advice and “Top Tips” for parents of pupils with additional or special educational needs. The materials have been developed by Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. More resources and advice will be added in the coming days. The advice can be accessed here:  https://ncse.ie/online-resources-for-parents


Wishing you all well and thank you for your continued support.

Luke Kilcoyne,

Principal Teacher.



Ms. McBride, Ms McGlynn & Ms McGroarty (EAL  teachers) ‘International Week’ message

This week was to be International Week in Illistrin NS. We would still like to celebrate this with our families and the wider community. Maybe you could include a lesson on a country of interest to your family, listen to music from a different culture or do some art work from another country.

We are asking the school community to send some artwork, a song or piece of written work under this theme to illistrininternational@gmail.com. We will then compile the photos we receive to create a video for our website and illistrin PA Facebook page. Let’s work together to celebrate our school while staying apart!!



Monday 23rd March – Message from Mr Luke Kilcoyne regarding the School Closure due to Covid 19/Coronavirus

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

I hope all our pupils and family members are keeping well during these difficult times. Please look after one another and stay in contact by phone or internet with other, especially older, family members, neighbours and friends. Please continue to follow the advice from the HSE re Covid 19. It will be updated regularly and can be accessed here: https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/ 


Please continue to remind your children to practise good hand, coughing and sneezing hygiene. The importance of social distancing, maintaining a physical distance from others and limiting the number of social contacts is a key piece of advice and should be followed by all.


Recommended Work for Week 2 of the School Closure:

An outline of the work that teachers recommend to do during Week 2 of the closure can be accessed by clicking on the Parent’s Info tab above, then clicking on Curriculum Resources and clicking on your Child’s Class Level. If you have any difficulty accessing the recommended work please email illistrinoffice@gmail.com and we will arrange to have it emailed to you.

Most of the publishers of Irish text books have made e-copies of their books free for parents and pupils to access online during the school closure. These will provide great reading material appropriate to your child’s class level. In many cases they have also made their digital resources and digital games free as well. These digital resources and games may provide you with educational ways to keep your children busy. 


Books and materials published by C.J. Fallon can be accessed here: https://www.cjfallon.ie/


Books and materials published by The Educational Company (EDCO) can be accessed here: https://www.edco.ie/


Books and materials published by Folens can be accessed here: https://www.folensonline.ie/

Please note you should register as a teacher.

  1. Go to FolensOnline.ie and click register
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Fill in a username, email and password
  4. For Roll Number use the code:  Prim20

We fully understand that many families are under considerable pressure at this time and we wish to remind you that your well-being and the well-being of your children is what is most important. Many parents are continuing to work outside the home in order to maintain essential services. We thank them for continuing to provide us with these essential services that we all depend on and can sometimes take for granted. Many other parents are working from home while also looking after their children. Please do not place undue pressure on yourselves. Some time set aside daily for fun activities, physical activity and learning is the best way for all of us to work our way through this unprecedented situation. 


A radio interview with  Ciara Reilly, Lecturer in Education in the Marino Institute of Education and a Primary School Teacher can be accessed here:  https://www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/html5/#/radio1/21736929 . She offers excellent advice on “Covid-19: Teaching Primary School Children at Home”.


Illistrin Parents’ Association Facebook Page: 

Please check our Parents’ Association Facebook page, Illistrin PA, for some great ideas to keep children active and busy. The page also provides some links to other local Facebook pages demonstrating various activities for all of us to try out from our homes. These links include soccer coaching from Illistrin Football ClubDance classes from Dance Fitness with Tina (go into group icons on Facebook and search Dance Fitness with Tina, request an invite and Tina can add you to the group) and art lessons from Donegal Cartoons Jarla.


The Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny has started a project called #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs. The project sets a daily art challenge for children. You can see details on their website: http://regionalculturalcentre.com/event/homeiswheretheartis-rcc-for-kids/?event_date=2020-03-24 or on their Facebook page: Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny.



Spiritual Guidance:

We are grateful to Bishop McGuckian, Fr Kevin Gillespie and local clergy for providing a live stream from St Eunan’s Cathedral, Letterkenny. Mass from the Cathedral can also be viewed every day at 10.30 a.m. on the RTE News Now TV channel. The live stream from the Cathedral is here: https://www.churchservices.tv/letterkenny A full timetable of services is available here: https://www.steunanscathedral.ie/ 


Useful Educational Websites:

There are hundreds of useful educational websites online that you can access free of charge. I recommend the 4 listed below as they make it easy for parents to access resources appropriate to your child’s age, class and ability. 


http://www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS – this code will give you free access to a huge number of resources.









Reading to your child and listening to your child reading is the best way to support your child’s continued learning at home. Many favourite books are available online in e-format. Spend a few minutes online searching for e-books your child might enjoy and you’d be surprised what is available for free or for a small cost. A reminder that free children’s audio books are available here during the month of March:


Saturday 14th March – Message from Mr Luke Kilcoyne regarding the School Closure due to Covid 19/Coronavirus

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please continue to follow advice from the HSE re Covid 19. It will be updated regularly and can be accessed here: https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/

Please also note the Department of Education advice re the school closure which can be accessed here: https://www.education.ie/en/

In the event that any pupil is feeling unwell on or just before the school reopens, you are requested to seek advice from your GP by phone and to let the school know by emailing illistrinoffice@gmail.com


The HSE and the Minister have asked all schools to share this important message with you:

All children are urged to practise social distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between children. Parents and guardians are urged to support their children to maintain this approach.

It’s important to remember that for school closures to be effective it’s really important that children aren’t mixing with other children while out of school. Children generally suffer mild symptoms but they could give the the virus to each other and silently pass it on to other family members and more vulnerable people or elderly people. What all of us do now can make a big difference.


How best to support your child’s learning during the School Closure:

Last Thursday, teachers sent home textbooks/work packs/worksheets. An outline of the work that teachers recommend to do during the 2 week closure can be accessed by clicking on the Parent’s Info tab above, then clicking on Curriculum Resources and clicking on your Child’s Class Level.

I would also encourage you to work with your children revising the work covered already this year. Reading, tables, spellings and handwriting are all activities that can be practiced and reinforced at home.


Useful Educational Websites:

Here are some useful websites with great educational resources for children of all ages that can be used at home:

http://www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS – this code will give you free access to a huge number of resources.




http://www.worldbookday.com/world-of-stories – this will give you free access to a great selection of children’s audio books.


Further notices will be posted to this website during the school closure.


School Closure

The Department of Education has closed all schools in the country from 13th March to 29th March 2020. The Department’s notice to schools can be read here:

Text messages and this website will be used during the next 2 weeks to give parents updated information and to let parents know how best to continue with their children’s learning during the school closure.

Please continue to visit http://www.hse.ie for regular updates on the Coronavirus/Covid 19.

Should you have any queries in relation to this email please contact the Principal Mr. Luke Kilcoyne.


11th March 2020 – Statement from the Department of Education for all schools re Coronavirus/Covid 19

The Department of Education has asked every school in country to make the statement below available to all parents of primary school children. We also wish to remind you that you can contact the Principal Teacher, Mr Luke Kilcoyne, on 074 91 25775 or at illistrinoffice@gmail.com if you have any concerns or questions. School staff are continuing to teach hand washing routines, coughing hygiene and sneezing hygiene. Every measure is being taken in school to do all we can to prevent any possible spread of the virus. We will continue to follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, the HSE and the Departments of Health and Education. Any possible decision to close any school in the country will be communicated to school management by the Departments of Health and Education. If this happens we will contact parents immediately.

Please note that a parent of any pupil returning to school from abroad at any time during the Coronavirus/Covid 19 outbreak must contact Mr Kilcoyne prior to their child’s return to school.

Department of Education Statement 11th March 2020:

We would like to direct your attention to updated guidance issued this morning on talking to children and young people about Covid-19.

You can access and download this guidance in both Irish and English from the Department of Education and Skills website below under the heading ‘Talking to children and young people about Covid-19’. http://www.education.ie/covid19

We would also like to direct your attention to a child-friendly interview that Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn did with RTÉ’s new2day programme last week, that may also be a useful resource when talking about Covid-19 with children and students.


Statement Ends.

Coronavirus – Covid 19 : Saturday 7th March 2020

The Department of Education, the Department of Health and the Department of Foreign Affairs continue to issue advice to all schools and parents regarding the Coronavirus/Covid 19. The advice has been issued in the interests of public health and to make school staff, pupils and parents aware of the measures everyone can take to prevent the spread of the virus. We are sharing this advice with you to allay any concerns you may have.

The Department of Education’s advice for schools, parents and pupils can be accessed here:
https://www.education.ie/en/The-Department/Announcements/information-for-schools-preschools-and-third-level-institutions-on-the-coronavirus.html This web page also contains links to the Department of Health’s advice for anyone travelling from an affected region.
You are also advised to check the HSE website regularly if you have any concerns:
You can also check the Department of Education website for updates over the coming days: https://www.education.ie/en/
You may wish to use these posters below at home to inform yourself and your children about the virus and to help teach your child good hand hygiene, good coughing hygiene and good sneezing hygiene. Please click on each link to view:
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the principal Mr Luke Kilcoyne at illistrinoffice@gmail.com or 0749125775. 
Garda School Quiz

Well done to our quiz team who won the ‘Milford Garda District Heat of the Garda Schools Quiz’ on 5th March beating 17 other teams. Our team led from start to finish and displayed their great general knowledge answering questions on history, geography, sport, road safety and current affairs. They are pictured receiving their prizes from members of An Garda Síochána based in Milford. We are grateful to the Gardaí who put great time and effort into organising and hosting this quiz. Our team will take part in the County Final of the Garda Schools’ Quiz on 19th of March in the Mount Errigal Hotel. Best of luck to them!

Below are some of the questions they were asked:
Who is the prime minister of Great Britain?
Which is the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland?
What is the speed limit on Irish motorways?
Who was the 1st President of Ireland?
Where is the only place on Irish roads that you would see a flashing red light?

World Book Day

Pictured below are Ms. O’Donnell’s 6th Class & Ms. Lafferty’s Junior Infants celebrating World Book Day. 6th Class students read stories to Junior Infants and discussed their favourite characters, events and books.

6th Class Projects on ‘American Landmarks’


Bhféis Gaeilge i gClochar Loreto

Comhghairdeas mhór do na páistí a ghlac páirt i bhféis Gaeilge i gClochar Loreto Dé Máirt 3ú Márta. Bhí sé chomh deas éisteacht leis na páistí ó rang Ms. Ferry, Ms. McGee, Mr Gallagher agus Ms. Gormley ag déanamh rann agus amhrán ar an ardán. Thug muid fearadh na fáilte ó na múinteoirí agus ó na scólairí i gClochar Loreto. Fuair na páistí bosca pop arbhar agus fuair na múinteoirí cupán deas tae! Bhí muid iontach sásta nuair a fuair muid cúpla duais fosta. Fuair Ollie Haran scoláire na féise-éacht mhór dó! Maith thú Ollie! Rinne sé job iontach leis an dán An Leipreachán. Tá muid ag dúil go mór le seachtain na Gaeilge a cheiliúradh inár scoil féin.

Donegal Regional Championships

Well done to our Sportshall team who completed in the ‘Donegal Regional Championships’ in the Aura on Thursday 5th March. Everyone was so looking forward to this day as the children trained very hard over the past few weeks. The children competed in a variety of events: long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, chest push, speed bounce, javelin, obstacle relay, over under relay and running relays. Our 3rd & 4th class girls and boys achieved second place as did the 5th & 6th girls and boys teams. This was a very enjoyable day for all the children and it was a great way of meeting children from other schools. The event ran very smoothly. Thank you to the volunteers from Letterkenny Athletic Club for organising the day and to the transition year students from Loreto and St. Eunan’s college who helped on the day.



Senior Infants get a visit from Mr Conal Mc Carron from ‘The Irish Coast Guard’

Senior Infants have been learning about ‘People at Work’ in SESE. Oisín McCarron in Senior Infants dad came to visit us to discuss his job in the Irish Coast Guard. He discussed his role in rescuing people at sea, from mountains, crashes etc in the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. Senior Infants had many questions for him and Mr McCarron left ‘Safety Squad’ books, wrist bands and some prizes for those who completed their ‘Safety Squad’ books at home. A massive thank you to Conal McCarron for his visit.



Cycle Right

Our three 6th classes are participating in “CYCLE RIGHT” – Cycle Safety Training.

The course consists of 4 x 2 hour sessions with each class. Topics covered include: safe equipment; rules of the road; starting and stopping; road positioning; shoulder checking; turning left and right; overtaking and traffic manoeuvres, and, where appropriate to the group, on-road training.

The emphasis of the course is on safety through control of the bike and awareness of surroundings. Fergus and Gemma McDaid provide the training. Coaching, bicycles and helmets are provided free of charge to the school. CYCLE RIGHT is supported by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, An Taisce the Road Safety Authority and Cycling Ireland.



Gaelic Football Team

Pictured below are the boys on the Gaelic Football Team who have won the title of ‘Star Trainers’ from their recent training sessions held twice a week at lunch times. Two students are picked at each training session for the title. Congratulations to all the students particpating.

School Closures: September 2019 – June 2020

Teacher Training on the Primary Language Curriculum – Closed Friday 13th March 2020

St Patrick’s Day                Closed Monday 16th March and Tuesday 17th  March 2020.

Easter Holidays                       Closing Friday 3rd April 2020 for a half day.

Reopen Monday 20th April 2020.

May Bank Holiday                Closed Monday 4th May 2020.

June Bank Holiday              Closed Friday 29th May 2020 & Monday 1st June 2020.

Summer Holidays                 Closing Friday 26th June 2020 for a half day.

Please note that the Department of Education may close the school for other training days for teachers. As soon as we are informed of any additional school closures, we will notify all parents/guardians.

This list of school holidays is also available under the parents’ info/calendar tab.

School Year 2019-2020

Staff changes

A full staff list can be viewed at www.illistrin.town.ie. Any staff changes during the year will be posted to this list on our website.


Active Homework

As part of being an Active School, teachers will no longer give written homework to pupils on Thursdays. Instead pupils are asked to take part in some physical activity every Thursday after school. Oral homework e.g. reading and spellings will continue to be given on Thursdays.



Full uniform must be worn every day. Pupils who are not wearing full uniform may be placed on detention during break time. P.E tracksuit should be worn on P.E. days. If your child has lunchtime training or is attending a sporting event during the school day, s/he must wear the school P.E. tracksuit.


Going Home Early

Children may only go home early if they have a medical appointment. Please let the teacher know in advance by writing a note in your child’s homework diary or a written letter to your child’s teacher. When you are collecting your child please avoid our busy break times at 11.00 and 12.30. Please go directly to the secretary’s office, “sign out” your child and wait there until the school secretary arranges for your child to leave class and meets with you at the secretary’s office. For child protection reasons visitors to the school are not allowed to go directly to classrooms.

Our Early Collection of Pupils Policy can be viewed under the Policies and Enrolment tab of our website.


Child Safeguarding Statement

The Board of Management of Scoil Naomh Fiachra has approved our Child Safeguarding Statement. The statement can be viewed under the Policies and Enrolment tab on our website and a hard copy can be viewed in the school office. The Board of Management has appointed Mr Luke Kilcoyne as the Designated Liaison Person and Mrs Doreen Kennedy as the Deputy Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection matters.


Pupil Personal Accident Insurance

Allianz have been providing Pupil Personal Accident Insurance to schools in Ireland since the mid 1980’s. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance is a benefits policy and covers Medical and Dental expenses following an accident. All pupils enrolled in our school are covered by this policy for any accident taking place in school or out of school. The cost is included in school book fees. Full details can be accessed via this link: https://www.allianz.ie/schools/pupil-personal-accident/cover


Book Fees

Thank you to all parents who have paid book fees for this year. If you have not yet paid the fees, please arrange payment as soon as possible.


Contact numbers and addresses

It is vital that we have your contact number and address at all times in case of an emergency involving your child. If there is any change at any time in your contact details, please inform the school secretary immediately. You can email any change to our secretary at illistrinoffice@gmail.com Instead of writing to parents we use our “text a parent” service. If you have not received any of our texts, please contact our secretary.


Communion and Confirmation

2nd class pupils who are making their First Holy Communion will celebrate the sacrament at 11a.m. on Saturday 9th May 2020 in the Cathedral, Letterkenny.  Candidates for Confirmation from 6th class will celebrate the sacrament on Thursday, 30th January 2020 at 5.00p.m.


Car park

Please read the information sheet regarding the safe use of our school car park which is posted on our website under the parents info tab and can be read in your child’s homework diary. Please make anyone who is dropping or collecting your child/ren aware of the arrangements for the safe use of the car park. In the interests of pupil safety please be patient and careful when using the car park and please do not block the road between the school car park and the garage.


Administration of Medication

Staff members cannot administer medication to children without authorisation from the Board of Management of the school. This includes inhalers. Obviously, it is preferable that medical practitioners would arrange times for medication so that they don’t coincide with school time. However, if this is not possible and you require your child to be administered emergency medication in school please contact the Principal Teacher for a copy of the procedures which must be followed.



A list of closures for the school year 2019.2020 was posted to our website in May on the calendar page under the parents’ info tab. We will leave the list on the website throughout the year.


School Timetable, Attendance and Punctuality

Thank to everyone for their cooperation with our new school timetable. Pupils should be ready to join their class line when the bell rings at 9.00a.m. This helps to ensure a smooth start to the school day.

School opens to receive pupils at 8.40a.m. No arrangement exists for the supervision of children who arrive at school whether by bus, or otherwise, before 8.40 a.m. and therefore no responsibility is accepted by the school for pupils before that time. Pupils may be taken into their classrooms or the school hall (if it is available) on very wet mornings from 8.40a.m.

The school day finishes at 1.40 p.m. for infants and 2.40 p.m. for all other pupils. 1st class are walked to the school gates at 2.35p.m. to help ease congestion at 2.40p.m. The school accepts no responsibility for pupils after these times and it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to arrange the safe collection of their children at these times.

Regular attendance is vital to your child’s progress at school. Children should only be absent from school when they are ill. Please supply a written note to your child’s class teacher for each absence. I am legally obliged to report any pupil who is absent for 20 days or more in any school year to TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency. An Education Welfare Officer may contact a parent if such a report must be made.


Calls to the secretary’s office

Please let your child know every day who will collect him/her after school and whether or not he/she is going home by bus or car. Children can become anxious if there is an unscheduled change to collection arrangements. Keeping to the same routine is in everyone’s best interests. Please always notify the class teacher, by written note, if there is any change in collection arrangements. We can not guarantee that the school phone will always be answered during the school day and phone calls to the secretary’s office should be kept to a minimum. If you require a letter confirming your child’s attendance at this school please allow 2 days advance notice to the school secretary. You can email your request to illistrin@eircom.net



Pupils from 3rd class are availing of swimming lessons in Aura Leisure Centre during the 1st term. Ms Ferry’s, Ms Devlin’s and Ms Molloy’s classes have started their weekly lessons. 4th classes will start later in the year.


Cross Country Athletics

We were delighted to see so many pupils from senior classes attend trials on our running track for our Cross- Country Athletics Team. Well done to our Cross-Country Team members who participated in the Annual Cross-Country Schools’ Competition at O’Donnell Park on 13th September. They trained hard during lunch breaks and ran brilliantly. We are very proud of them. Check out the photos of team members on our website.


Gaelic Football Coaching

Mr Jim Clarke, Gaelic Football coach, is back with us again this year. Jim has started his coaching with 6th classes on Thursdays. During the year most classes will get the opportunity to avail of Jim’s coaching. We are grateful to St Eunan’s GAA club for providing this coaching free of charge to our pupils.

We also welcome Nathan McElwaine from Termon GAA club who is coaching various classes on Fridays. Our pupils are really enjoying his coaching sessions and we thank Termon GAA club for this free coaching for our pupils.


School Book Fair

Our Annual School Book Fair will take place from 13th – 20th November. A great selection of books will be available and a catalogue and price list will be sent home a week prior to the Book Fair. Pupils will get the opportunity to browse (and buy if they wish) during school time and parents can visit on the evening of the 13th November.


Healthy Lunches

I wish to remind you that children should only bring healthy options to eat and drink for lunch. Our Healthy Eating Policy can be read on our website. Items such as fizzy drinks, biscuits, doughnuts and fruit winders are not allowed due to their high sugar content. Milk, water, fruit, breads and yoghurts are considered healthy options.



Some children in the school have severe allergic reactions to peanuts/nuts. This allergic reaction can occur through ingestion of peanut/nut products, cross contamination and breathing peanuts/nuts in the air.

Since this condition can be very serious, we have declared the school a nut free zone we are asking for your help in minimising the risk to these children by:

  1. Avoiding giving children peanuts or any nuts in school lunches
  2. Avoiding giving peanut butter sandwiches, other spreads containing nuts such as Nutella and snacks/bars containing nuts or labelled “may contain nut traces” in school lunches
  3. Asking children not to share their lunches.

It is important that all parents carry out the suggested measures and reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to these children.

We also have a pupil who has an allergy to kiwis. Please continue to place fruit in your child’s lunch box but please avoid kiwis for lunch.


Please Click The Links Below to see the Timetable for Enrolments 2019 and to Download Our Enrolment Form & Policy.

timetable for enrolments 2019 website

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy March 2020


Word of Welcome to Our School

I would like to welcome you to our school’s website. Hopefully it will give you a flavour of the many activities in which our children are involved and provide you with important information about Scoil Naomh Fiachra. There is a friendly atmosphere in the school and we have a broad range of pupil backgrounds. This encourages tolerance, understanding and an appreciation of others.

In Scoil Naomh Fiachra we believe that students are happiest when they are engaged, challenged and excited by learning. Our aim is to develop the talents of all pupils by involving them in a wide ranging educational experience. We are committed to excellence in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits, and to active partnerships between staff and pupils, school and home.

We offer an equally varied and challenging range of extra-curricular activities, including Swimming, Soccer, Gaelic football, Hurling, Camogie, Athletics, Rounders, Irish Dancing and Debating. We hope the children, their parents, extended family members and friends will be frequent visitors to the site and that such visits with be enjoyable and informative. If you require any further information about our school please feel free to contact us by post, phone or email.

Mr Luke Kilcoyne

Principal Teacher